Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Clongriffiner Second Edition – 24 Sep 2009

After our first busy day, we decided to revamp the whole newspaper, adding more info about ourselves and Clongriffin and condensing all the opinions and comments into 2 panels. We also decided to "provoke" the local community to enable themselves to start activities and processes. We did this by creating a gigantic poster for a BMX/skateboard/rollerblade competition with a sign up list and also a petition area where people could sign up for several ideas they had suggested the day before. We thought 2 hours would be enough to execute this task, but we ended up spending over 4 hours, which left us exhausted and with a very short timeframe to start iteration 2 of our experiment. At about 3pm we took it into the park playground area. The wind was too strong, so we had to lay it on the floor. We didn't get as much interest as the day before, but got some interesting comments by interviewing a few of the parents around the playground. We then brought it to the local Centra and put it agains the wall. This proved very unsuccessful, possibly because people just wanted to quickly drop into the shop and go straight back home, but also by the fact that we had to stand next to it to keep it falling off, which seemed to keep people from approaching us.

After a while we decided to bring it back to the skatepark. We got some kids to sign up for the petitions and the ccompetition. At about 6pm, exhausted from the long days we put in, we decided to call it a day. We didn't get as much info as the day before, but the kids in the park seemed happy enough with us coming back and engaged with the board in a more orderly fashion than the day before.

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