Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Clongriffiner First Edition – 23 Sep 2009

After our first day on the streets of Clongriffin our newspaper was covered with opinions, comments and drawings from people that we met. It was hard to engage people to make drawings, and most of the opinions and comments came from short interviews we conducted on the streets. At certain times we stepped away from the board, left a couple of pens beside it and waited to see if people would feel more comfortable interacting with it. during lunchtime we left it unattended for a while and we found out that some comments had been added to it. One of our friends spotted six people having a conversation beside the board while we were away. The quick polls didn't work as intended, and were mostly "rigged" by the teenagers in the park. Nevertheless, they enabled people to interact with the board. Our most succesful stint was during the afternoon beside the skatepark.

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